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Trucks at Facility


Our location and the recent Durango Highway construction are the best value to achieve any logistics and distribution of products from Mexico to the US markets because it reduces transportation time and costs to distribute the product; additionally, it maintains the freshness and quality of the product increasing the shelf-life time.

We are the only warehouse in the Rio Grande Valley to offer 24 hours of service on high peak season (September – March).

State of the Art Facility

Our facility capabilites include:

  • 110,000 Square Foot Cold/Dry Storage Facility
  • Cold Storage Pallet Capacity – 3,620
  • Variable Temperature Cooler – 32º – 60ºF
  • 75,000 Square Foot Cooler Space
  • 35,000 Square Foot Dry Storage
  • Monitored Surveillance 24/7
  • Monitored Room Temperatures 24/7
  • Refrigerated Loading Docks
  • Open Docks Available
  • Truck Staging Area
  • Truck Scale

We have several backup systems that allow us to run 24/7 without interruptions. For example:

  • Electric Generator Back-up: This is a Diesel generator that will provide electricity to the entire warehouse in case there is an outage. This guarantees that the products will be fresh and chain of temperature will not be lost.
  • Server Network Back-up: there are 2 main network servers to avoid downtimes, which will process all orders in a timely matter.
  • Internet System Back-up: BDS internet service has the back- up service in case the main provider is lost.

A Centrally Located Distribution Hub

US Distance

Dallas, Texas – 513 Miles

Atlanta, Georgia – 1,185 Miles

Denver, Colorado – 1,238 Miles

Chicago, Illinois – 1,482 Miles

Las Vegas, Nevada – 1,645 Miles

New York, New York – 2,000 Miles

Mexico Distance

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon – 151 Miles

Tampico, Tamaulipas – 340 Miles

Terreon, Coahuila – 368 Miles

Guanajuato, Guanajuato – 550 Miles

Uruapan, Michoacan – 700 Miles

Culiacan, Sinaloa – 859 Miles

Trucks at Facility